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Adolescents & Teens

Therapy for teens in Edina, MN or via telehealth anywhere in Minnesota.

Working with Teens & Young Adults

Does your teen appear anxious or depressed? Do they frequently seem down? Angry? Aggressive? Rebellious? Are they struggling in school? Are they having trouble with friends or classmates? Have they been a victim of bullying?

Are you concerned about their self-esteem? Are they using drugs or alcohol? Harming themselves? Are you trying to help but you don’t know where to start?

We can help. Being a teenager is hard. There are a lot of changes happening and it can be difficult to process all the different emotions. Our clinicians work with your teenager to build a rapport. We are empathetic and caring so your teen feels comfortable and understands they can trust us.  Our therapists will teach your teen how to express and manage their emotions in healthy ways. 

Our professionally-trained mental health professionals work with teens on a variety of issues including:

  • Academic performance
  • Anxiety
  • Body image issues
  • Bullying
  • College preparation
  • Dating & relationships
  • Depression
  • Drugs & alcohol 
  • Oppositional behavior
  • Rebellion
  • Self-harm
  • Self-worth
  • Sexual identity
  • Social media
  • Social skills
  • Suicidal ideation 

Many Teens Struggle With Mental Health

Irritability, sleepiness, and sadness can be a normal part of being a teenager but some teens also have an underlying mental illness. One out of every five teens—20% of the population—has an underlying mental disorder and could benefit from early intervention. In therapy, we will help to isolate your teen’s current situational problems from deeper ones so they can get the help they need.

We work with your teen to resolve behavior problems and teach them healthy coping skills they can use for the rest of their lives. Our goal is to help your teen to recognize problems on their own and have the tools needed to fix them. We also work to repair communication skills and help families resolve any internal conflict.

Adolescent and Teen Therapy is Our Passion

We recognize that adolescents need specialized mental health practitioners who understand them. Recommended clinicians for teen services include:

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